Elder and Sister Hambelton are from Meridian Idaho. Elder Hambelton had a 35 year career as Academic IT manager at Boise Sate University. Sister Hambelton was a community health educator, teacher and family care giver. Our most cherished accomplishment has been the 4 beautiful daughters we have raised, their husbands and the 12 wonderful grandchildren we love. We miss our friends and family but are very grateful to be serving the Lord full time. It is a special homecoming experience for Sister Hambelton whose ancestral lines come from Scotland. We have strong testimonies of the welfare and employment work we are engaged in and we are especially happy to be serving in Edinburgh Scotland.

Our most cherished accomplishments



  1. Thanks for sharign this with us! What a grand experience you are having and we are excited to be able to follow along with you. Life carries on here and good things happen daily. We prepare for the holidays and try to find ways to make it a Christ centered time. Yours will definitly carry the Spirit with it! We will be reading along with you. thanks,
    Happy Holiday – much to be grateful for!
    Dave and Nola

  2. We are so happy for you… You both have been important to us in many aspects of our lives. For that, we are truly grateful.

    Ben… I doubt you would remember, but we had a Ward Motto every year at the BIU Stake. The second year we selected “What er’ thou art, act well thy part!” as our ward motto for the 12th Ward. I shared with the ward the story of Pres. McKay’s mission and his discovery of the stone and how it impacted him.

    We love you so much and envy you this wonderful experience.

    Joe & Connie

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