Posted by: Elder and Sister Hambelton | May 10, 2013

Coming Home

“Who would have supposed?” has been a constant theme in this blog as we have reflected on things we would have never anticipated when we began. “So who would have supposed” that 18 months would have passed so quickly and that you could make so many friends and have such great experiences in so short a time.

We board the plane for home this Monday, May 13th and arrive in Boise late in the evening.

We will report our mission to the ward on May 26th at 11:00 am at the Tuscany Ward at Eagle Road and Lake Hazel.

We leave you with a few random pictures of a few of the many people and activities of our mission.


A few of our colleagues in the Employment work:

A very brief sampling of our work activities:

A few of our fellow missionaries, young and old

A few of our Scotland Edinburgh Stake family and friends. . .

The lighter side . . . after all a mission should be fun too!



  1. It’s so good to see that you were able to spend some time with Pres. & Sis. Rasmussen. Were they in Scotland or were you in England??? Last time I checked, they were close… but not that close. Hope to see you when you report your mission on 26 May. Hugs… Joe & Connie

    • We were in Birmingham England for training. We met in the building where President Rasmussen has his office. Both President and Sister Rasmussen are very busy but doing a great job. They did take a little time to visit with us. It was so good to see them.

      See you soon Elder and Sister Hambelton

  2. looking forward to seeing you again…on American soil 🙂 WELL DONE!!!

  3. Indeed time flies when you are having fun….or anxiously engaged…or both!!
    We look forward to seeing you stateside once again!!

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