Posted by: Elder and Sister Hambelton | May 2, 2013

A Time to Share . . .

One of the special experiences we have enjoyed is sharing our mission and this interesting country of Scotland with our four daughters and their husbands (and a few of the grandkids). Each made a special effort to come to Scotland and experience first hand the people, sights and country of their ancestral homeland and the work of our mission.

We were blessed each time to be able to arrange our schedule and the work we do to accommodate a few days of sharing and showing off Edinburgh and other areas of Scotland. Last spring, when Mitzi and her whole family came we were not able to accommodate them in our first flat but the others came this spring and we were able to fit them into our second, larger flat. Pat organized the trips and the meals and each expressed how much they enjoyed being “home” with their parents in Scotland. Tara summed up the feelings of each of her sisters, “Mom’s house feels like home no matter where it is. She could be stationed on Mars for all I care, but my mom manages to make whatever space she’s in feel like home.” And that she has done for the two of us and all our visitors for 18 months.

We visited castles, Abbeys, villages, glens, mountains and sheep pastures. We played with grandkids who came and we enjoyed them all and were grateful for their faithful support and the fact that they were able to share first hand in our mission experience.



  1. You guys are great tour guides- loved Scotland and being there with you.

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