Posted by: Elder and Sister Hambelton | January 26, 2013

Dublin & Limerick, Ireland

Our third trip to Ireland was centered primarily in the Republic of Ireland. On Friday January 18th we ferried across to Belfast in heavy seas, and were greeted by snow and sleet. As we drove to Dublin the weather steadily improved but we still drove in and out of rain, sleet and snow. In Dublin our good friends and fellow missionaries, Elder and Sister Hicks who had invited us to stay with them, met us. We really enjoyed our brief visit with them. We met on Saturday with a member of the Stake Presidency and our stake employment specialists, Brother and Sister Lamb and the Hicks. We provided some training and coordinated an agreement for Elder and Sister Hicks to help one night a week in their Stake Employment Centre. President Anderson really took on board the training and suggestions we made and immediately scheduled training meetings for Bishops and Quorum leaders to follow up and to better help their members with employment needs. It was a very productive meeting.

That night we drove down to Limerick. Another great missionary couple, Elder and Sister Condie helped us to connect with the Branch President and the District President. We were given the Sunday School hour to provide some employment search guidance to about 8 members of the branch and we arranged to meet with additional members that night and the next morning. Altogether we met with 12 members of the branch and gave them some guidance and suggestions for their employment needs. President Murphy, the District President met with us and committed to finding a couple he could call to be local employment specialists. Another amazingly productive visit.

On Monday, after meeting with a couple of members, the Condie’s came and took us to see some sights around Limerick. We drove out to the Cliffs of Moher, a spectacular rocky cliff coast line, shrouded in mist and fog. We drove up the coast through some beautiful coastal villages and fields. The next day we took a few hours and toured Bunratty Castle and an 18th century Irish village. It was cold and foggy but we enjoyed the culture and history we saw. Then we headed back to Belfast, the ferry and back to work at the Edinburgh Centre and Glasgow where the work has really picked up and we have a full day of appointments.

We love our mission and cannot think of anything we could do that would provide us much growth, spiritual experiences, friendship and wonderful surroundings.



  1. I now know where I want to serve when David and I are able 🙂 Love the pics!

  2. What an amazing experience the two of you are enjoying. Alice and I look forward to doing so, too. We will certainly pick your brains when you return to Meridian.

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