Posted by: Elder and Sister Hambelton | November 11, 2012

One Year Milestone

We had an interesting mental “Kodak Moment” this weekend as we taught a workshop in Belfast, Northern Ireland. During the break on the first day, Perpetua Cull called on the cell phone from Edinburgh. She is the amazing immigrant from Kenya we have helped get a job and she was calling for assistance in “academic writing” for an online course she is taking. We told her we were in Belfast, and we would try to help her when we returned.

We hung up to return to our workshop – a diverse group of wonderful individuals consisting of: a black couple newly arrived from South Africa; an Italian who speaks broken English who moved his family to the UK to give his children a better future and who wants to start a business supplying Italian cakes to restaurants; an Irish sales manager who lived 17 years in the Phillipines and his Filipino wife, an experienced hospitality professional; a new university graduate with a young family; a very bright, personable young man with a severe speech impediment; and a young women who has had several head surgeries; and finally our self-styled Irish leprechaun stake employment specialist and his wife. We were teaching in a church building with no heat, using a computer monitor we commandeered from the clerks office.

Then we realised that this was our one year milestone on our mission. Could we have ever imagined what we would be doing in one year when we arrived, already tired and dazed, just one year ago?



  1. Congratulations on your one year mark! I remember talking to you when you arrived in England….you have come along way and are making a great difference in lives of those from all over the world. Keep up the good work….only one more dark winter and then you will see the light and the blessings of all your service 🙂 Just visited the Tuscany Ward today in visiting Betty…so good to see so many familiar faces. Lots of LOVE being sent your way ❤

  2. Elder and Sister Hambelton (Ben and Patty),

    It is such a delight to follow along with your blog posts and hear of your rich experiences. Yes I am well aware of the one year mark as for some reason multiple BSU colleagues have recently asked if I’ve heard from you and I surprise them with the comment that you have been serving for a year… to everyone’s amazement. All send their love.

    Ted and I, along with two faculty, are in Miami at a Turning Technologies conference on student response clickers. There has been an upsurge in clicker usage at Boise State this semester and with Kenny’s retirement we needed to get up to speed quickly-this conference was just the tool. Ted is one of the many to say ‘Hi’.

    May the Lord continue to bless you with many rich experiences as you serve the wonderful Saints in the various areas you visit. We love your blog posts and photos, so keep ’em coming….as time allows.

    We send our love and prayers,
    Bill & Alice

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