Posted by: Elder and Sister Hambelton | July 21, 2012

Aberdeen Blitz!

We recently concluded a very busy weekend of employment training and meetings for the Aberdeen Stake. Bro  Jim Dressel from the Bridge of Don ward was our primary contact and advocate. He advertised and promoted the Career workshop which we taught that night and the next day. We had 11 people in attendance with 8 completing. It was a great session as they were a great group to work with.  Jim was being trained so that he could teach it in the Aberdeen stake.

Sunday morning we met with the Stake leadership in a special meeting of Bishops, High Council, and Stake Council. We were given an hour to teach and instruct. Because of the distances involved some participated via telephone conference. It went extremely well. Sister Hambelton taught welfare principles and set the tone by inviting the spirit to be present. It is hard to be first up but she did wonderfully well. I then taught the “how to do it” portion of the training. It is a great pattern: teach principles, testify and invite the spirit and then provide concrete how to do it training. It is like the General Handbook of Instruction. The spirit witnessed to our teaching and it was very well received. President Coull of the Stake Presidency committed to organizing the stake and implementing our instruction. We had very positive feedback from the people present.

We attended sacrament at the Aberdeen ward and then drove to the Bridge of Don ward to be introduced to the Bishop for third hour. He asked us to come back on the fifth Sunday and teach a combined Priesthood and Relief Society meeting and administer the Needs and Resource Survey.

Monday we visited some sights in Old Aberdeen in the morning and then in the afternoon trained Bro. Dressel on the Employment Specialist role. We then went back to Aberdeen and met with the Young Adult Centre where we taught a mini-seminar on Marketing Yourself in a Competitive World. We really enjoyed the “blitz” to Aberdeen. It has been wonderful to see this Stake embrace the principles of the employment program and we are grateful for their faith and work. It has strengthened our testimonies of the blessings it can bring to them.



  1. How fun it is to see the two of you in action! Love seeing you, even if in photos!

  2. I’m excited about your work in Aberdeen- the field seemed ready to harvest!

  3. Great post. Nice photos! Love you.

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