Posted by: Elder and Sister Hambelton | June 25, 2012

The Fruits of our labor . . .

We are feeling so blessed this week. We are seeing more fruit from the efforts we have been making. Several of our clients have recently gotten jobs they have been pursuing. One Ph.D. student whom we have worked with extensively, told us that her fellow students have been questioning her on how it is that she has gotten so many interviews and now a top-notch position before any of them. She asked if she could tell them about our service and invite them to come see us. A very nice endorsement. Another candidate was told he was a finalist for a good paying position because of his CV, which we helped him write and print since he has no computer. Others have had similar successes.

We are also seeing success on a ward and stake level. Our own Edinburgh ward has caught the vision and every Sunday, the Bishopric asks in Priesthood opening exercises who knows about job vacancies and who is needing a job or job change. The Ward Council reviews employment needs each meeting and makes assignments to assist their member’s in their job search efforts. Other wards in the stake are also beginning to recognize their role in helping their unemployed members.

The Aberdeen Stake has embraced our offer to help. We will travel north to teach a stake Career Workshop; conduct a special training for priesthood leaders on employment welfare principles; train ward and stake specialists; and present a “How to Market Yourself” seminar for the Young Adult Centre. The Paisley Stake has invited us to take half of the next quarterly Bishop’s Council to train on Employment issues.

Combined with all the small improvements in self-confidence, hope, skill and written materials that we see from the candidates we work with, we are genuinely feeling the Lord’s blessings and harvest in our work. We love our mission and are so pleased to be here in Scotland.



  1. What a Blessing you have been in the lives of those who seek employment. We know that material needs and spiritual growth are intertwined. Glad to hear the positive growth with your service. love the Fleming’s

  2. that is SO EXCITING!!! I think the best part is that local leaders and members are starting to actively take part in helping each other because after you leave, they will be the ones there to carry on the work. It’s like seeing members share the gospel and embrace new converts- every missionary’s dream come true. Great job you guys!

  3. Way to go! That’s really great.

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