Posted by: Elder and Sister Hambelton | June 21, 2012

Traveling Back to Scotland (see post below)

On our way home from England to Scotland we drove through Preston and stopped to do a couple of sessions at the Preston Temple. What a joy it was to be in the temple again. It was like coming home. We also had time to find some of the church historical sites in the Preston area, which is where the first missionaries to Great Britain taught and baptized. We drove out to the villages of Chatburn and Downham where the saints welcomed Heber C Kimball and Joseph Fielding with great love. Many joined the church and it is a blessed area. The town of Downham looks just like it did in the 1830’s. You could just feel the peace of that area as you visited. Many locals from the area come to just walk the streets or have a picnic.

We also drove home through the Lake District of England. What beautiful country and challenging driving in some places. Like busy one-lane roads. But it was worth it.



  1. Great pictures! Love that you have a found a system and it’s working well and keeping you busy. How can you add Ireland?? Wow!!

  2. Love this beautiful and sacred countryside. Thanks for sharing your experience through photos. Miss you guys! We are in full swing of outprocessing and preparations for packing out. love, Phyllis

  3. Great photos! So beautiful, green and I really miss those rolling hills and rock walls. You are the best. Miss you both.

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