Posted by: Elder and Sister Hambelton | June 21, 2012

Busy Times

May has been our busiest month on our mission so far. We recorded 547 hours in May. I am not sure that is sustainable but our work has taken off. The changes we implemented in May took us out into the wards more, we met with ward councils, talked in sacrament meetings, administered the Needs and Resource survey to the members, made appointments with those who needed employment help and then returned a couple of days later to meet with those who needed help one-on-one. We have also prepared and given presentations to mutual and YSA groups through out the stake and will continue to do so. It has kept us very busy and the time is flying by. We have also had the opportunity to help teach a new convert with the Sister Missionaries. We love serving with the young missionaries whenever we can. Elder Hambelton had the opportunity to help a missionary from New Jersey and one from Netherlands, give a blessing to a Chinese member in Mandarin Chinese in Edinburgh Scotland! An amazing experience. We have been richly blessed and are so grateful for all the Lord has blessed us with. We feel his influence in our lives daily.

This month we had the privilege of going to Birmingham, England for training with other Employment Specialists from England. It was really helpful for us to be able to ask questions and see how and what others are doing with employment needs in their area. We were also asked to add Ireland to our list of Stake Employment Specialists to support and train. So now we get to go to Ireland at some point. We are doing quite well with the training in Scotland. We have conducted Employment Specialist training in two Stakes and have two more scheduled, soon we will have to schedule Ireland.

Our mission produced a video to encourage senior couples to go on missions, we are in the video. If you would like to watch it click on the play button,  or paste  the YouTube link url into your browser:

We are near the end of the video. The video runs about 25 minutes. We send our love to all of you Elder and Sister Hambelton


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