Posted by: Elder and Sister Hambelton | April 19, 2012

Family . . .

Just 3 weeks after the Flemings visited us, Mitzi, Brian, Tritan, Athena, Paris and Apollo flew into Edinburgh for a Spring break visit. We were so excited to see them! They were also visiting London, and Paris before returning home, so we planned a full schedule for them. We wanted them to get a feel for the beautiful medieval and modern city of Edinburgh and a taste of the history and culture of this fascinating country. We also wanted to share with them our wonderful mission experiences. Their transoceanic flight took them to Amsterdam and then to Edinburgh. We whisked them off to our flat for dinner and then took them to the apartment we had rented for their stay. We rotated two kids to stay with us each night they were here and had each of the grandchildren twice. It was fun.

Good Friday, we drove to Stirling and toured the castle and grounds. From there we went to the William Wallace Monument. It is magnificent and set on a commanding hill with great views of the valley. From there we went to Demferline Abbey and Palace and park. It was a chill and overcast day but hardly any rain and the historic sites were not crowded.

Saturday we went to Edinburgh Castle, Greyfriars Kirk, the Royal Mile, St. Giles Cathedral, Holyrood Palace and the birthplace of Harry Potter (the Elephant House café), ate pizza and went to a broadway musical.

Easter Sunday we took them to our ward and introduced them to our new friends and showed them where we set up our Employment Centre. Then home for a lamb roast Easter dinner, a Family Home Evening and drive and hike up Pratt’s Hill (Arthur’s Seat).

On Monday we went down to the bay and toured the now retired Royal Yacht, the Royal Britannia and toured and shopped Princes Street.

Tuesday morning we drove them to Waverly Station and put them on the train to London.

We had a wonderful time and all too soon they were gone. It was great to see some of our family and it energized us for our missionary work and the months to come.



  1. Wow, being a senior missionary really is a whole different experience!
    What a fun trip for Mitzi’s family . . . I’m jealous. Scotland looks like an amazing place to visit; I’ve enjoyed living it through your blog.

  2. So glad they could visit. What an itinerary! And lamb for Easter Sunday. Impressive!

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