Posted by: Elder and Sister Hambelton | April 18, 2012

Friends . . .

Every senior missionary couple relishes a visit from friends or family. We were blessed to have both friends and family visit in the last 30 days. Our good friends Steve, Phylllis, and Kelli Fleming made the time to come up from England where they are stationed with the military to visit us for a weekend in March. We served together in our home ward of Tuscany and now are both in the UK. We enjoyed their visit with them immensely,  it was a well timed break. We also enjoyed the load of food supplies they brought with them. They brought us American delicacies like Applesauce, jello, peanut butter, root beer and Mexican chilies and sauces we cannot get in Scotland. What a great treat for us! We enjoyed a drive to Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park, a hike up Pratt’s Hill or Arthur’s Seat, the Edinburgh Castle,  the Royal Mile and St. Giles Cathedral. It was their third visit to Scotland and we were so glad to see them and share a few days with them this time. We had perfect weather and a delightful time that included a stop for ice cream and basking in the sun! We can’t promise that to anyone who comes, but we promise to try!


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