Posted by: Elder and Sister Hambelton | March 18, 2012

Our Village Neighborhood

Some of you have expressed curiosity regarding our flat and the neighborhood we live in. We live in a part of the City of Edinburgh, south and west of the city center, within the council of Midlothian (similar to a county). We are on the outskirts of a small and ancient village of Colinton.

Colinton dates back before the 11th century. The village grew up around the Colinton Parish Church, correctly called St.Cuthbert‘s Parish Church, originally founded around 1095 by Elthelred, third son of Malcolm III and Queen Margaret of Scotland. The original church was destroyed and later rebuilt. The church is particularly picturesque in its setting, which appears quite rural. The Waters of Leith (a small river) runs through the area and next to the church. Several mills were built along the river in the area. Robert Louis Stevenson spent his childhood summers in Colinton, as his grandfather was the Parish Priest.

Between 1909 and 1915, the War Office constructed Redford Barracks to the east of the village. The barracks represent the largest military installation built in Scotland and provides military accommodation, together with offices and training facilities. A similar but smaller barracks, Dreghorn Barracks is across the street from our immediate neighborhood. Both are scheduled to be de-commissioned and the military moved from the area.

There are several nice neighborhoods we walk in. We also walk to a fairly large chain grocery store 2-3 times a week for groceries and supplies. (click on pictures below to see larger images)



  1. This was great! What a beautiful area! Miss each of you! Love mcgoverns

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