Posted by: Elder and Sister Hambelton | March 18, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Just a brief couple of posts on our neighborhood and flat. We have a very small flat with two bedrooms (one doubles as our only storage and office supply), one bath, a tiny kitchen and a small lounge. We work from our flat each week following up on clients, reviewing CV’s, preparing for workshops and talks and so forth.

We have a very small refrigerator, a small laundry washer, a drying rack for our clothes, and a few appliances we have purchased. Much of the furniture, drapes and light fixtures were purchased either by the Mission or us.

It is small and cozy but we have added family and church pictures, bright colors and made it cozy and welcoming. Despite the small size we have had a pretty steady stream of friends and members over for dinner and enjoy their company. (click on image to view a larger version)



  1. It looks like the snow is gone and you are getting ready for spring. You are sure bringing back some memories with the pictures of the kitchen, fridge and washing machine. We have been spoiled somewhat but sure like the extra room, etc. Our prayers are with you and we appreciate all you are doing for the Scottish people.

    Keith & Mary Ann

  2. Colors, I doubt you remember the colors that were in our first house in Scotland. One Bedroom Yellow and Red, another green and blue, another lavender and pink, another orange and brown. The kitchen was green and orange and the family area was white. We understood the colors the first winter and really did enjoy them until we moved. Mary Ann did have a problem with the Red and Yellow loft above the green and orange kitchen and did get permission to paint that room.

    Keith & Mary Ann

  3. Fun to see where you live and your neighborhood too in the last post! It makes it easier to picture you there. Thanks for sharing! love and miss you.

  4. Have enjoyed the most recent posts. You are more Scottish than you think, Pat. If only that we can connect as well with all of those whom we do not feel a part, that is the challenge.

    LDB X 2

  5. I think cozy is a great thing! Reminds me of our early married days…you couldn’t turn around in our place without bumping into yourself! You both look fantastic, I think Scotland is agreeing with you. Keep a smile on your face and a song of Zion in your heart!

    Rich & Laralee

  6. I thought you might like to know that Elder Hillam passed way last week.

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