Posted by: Elder and Sister Hambelton | January 22, 2012

Pratt’s Hill

There is a tall hill with a rocky out-cropping ridge called Arthur’s Seat downtown Edinburg. Parley P. Pratt climbed this hill overlooking all of Edinburg and dedicated the land for the preaching of the gospel. He prayed that he would be able to baptize 200 people while he was here. Early on he had only modest success, so he climbed the hill again and prayed more diligently. He repeated this process several times, and by the time he left Scotland he had baptized 200 saints.

Thus, a tradition has grown up of having new missionaries climb Pratt’s Hill and set some goals, and then just before he/she leaves they return and report to the Lord how they did. They take new missionaries up the hill rain or shine the first day they arrive and tell them the story.

It appears that not all senior missionaries are invited to participate in this tradition for one obvious reason; it is a rigorous climb. It is only 820 feet tall but it is almost straight up. Combine that with gusting winds to 30-40 mph, driving rain and slippery rocks and it is a formidable challenge.

But we were up to the challenge. We asked if we could go with a new missionary and the President agreed. The day before, when we volunteered was a pretty nice day. The day we climbed was a blizzard. We went with the AP’s, the new missionary and his companion, and Sister Petman who was waiting for a companion on transfer day.

We can now say we did it. Honestly we were climbing into a heavy head wind with driving rain and sleet. I kept the camera in the back pack most of the way, it was too nasty but the photos I did get, tell the story.



  1. Hi, hey since your experienced mountain climbers now perhaps you can take us up Pratts Hill when we come to visit one of these weekends 😉

  2. AWESOME! What a great story. When we come to visit… will you take us to Pratts Hill? Let us know when would be a good time to visit for a long weekend in the next few months. Sounds like you are very busy doing what the Lord needs done.
    Last full week of January! The days are getting lighter and longer..YES! YES! YES! What a mild Winter it as been…but I am ready for spring 🙂
    Keep up the good work. love, Phyllis

  3. Sounds like you two are extremely busy doing the Lord’s work! Congrats on making it up Pratts Hill! I’m sure the members and non-members alike are truly blessed to have you there. Keep up the good work Elder & Sister. We love hearing from you and your wonderful stories of what it is like in Scotland. It’s also fun hearing about the morays of the people and even the history. Keep up the good work in training the people in your area they will be blessed because of it.

    Ron & Cheryl Fuller

  4. Hi! Sounds like you had a nice Christmas! We enjoy reading your blog and keepinjg up with you every so often. How fun to learn to drive, huh? Both of you will have to take turns and get it down! We love the missionary stories too.
    We miss you at FHE and will look forward to a report when you finish. We follow Dave’s sister and her husbands mission in Australia also. They are not doing so well but have the same driving experience but not in such big cities very often. We hope all is well with you both – keep up the great work. Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. Our best to you!
    Dave and Nola

  5. Not quite like the Sawtooths, but a lot more significant to the faith! You two are amazing, hang tough!

    Rich & Laralee

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