Posted by: Elder and Sister Hambelton | January 20, 2012

“No more strangers and foreigners, but fellowcitizens with the saints…” Ephesians 2:19

We have finished our second week of consulting and coaching clients in our newly established Employment Centre. It has been satisfying to be able to start helping people directly and not just planning , promoting and preparing for it. Some of our first clients have been immigrants to Scotland from Asia and Africa. Each has a unique story of how they came to this country and found the Church. Now they are looking for help with employment needs.

One wonderful woman has been seeking and searching for the gospel truth all her life, beginning in her native land of Kenya. With a courageous and invincible will and the guiding hand of the Lord, she found ways to become educated, found employment, and married and started a family. Adversity after adversity, including persecution, betrayal, tragedy and hardship were her constant companions. Through it all she remained incredibly faithful to God and optimistic, never being overcome by her trials, rather growing stronger and more determined to find God’s true church and make her way in life.

Eventually, she was forced to immigrate to Scotland alone without her family to find a career she could not find in her home country. Despite her advanced education she took entry-level employment and continually sought to improve her training and capabilities. She sent money home to care for her family while struggling to make a life here. One day inspired by a dream she had, she approached two young women she saw on the bus. She was delighted to find they were missionaries and felt it was an answer to prayer prompted through her dream.

They taught her principles she had already come to know as true. They answered every question she had and challenged her to receive her own testimony of the truth. She fasted and prayed and received an answer, but waited in hopes that her new husband and daughter would also gain testimonies and join her in the church. They did not respond as she had, so like she has always done before, she forged ahead alone. She set her baptism date and moved forward in faith. Her daughter and husband were touched and soon followed. Her adversity has not ended but her faith is sure and determined. She has come all the way to Scotland from Africa amid a string of challenges, tragedies and heartbreak to find the gospel truth she has always sought and knew existed. Her story is an amazing journey of faith and endurance. And now she has come to us to help her with “academic writing” so she can take and succeed in an online course that will qualify her for a promotion to a professional level job. We are humbled by her faith and her faith in us.

All around us are saints from a variety of countries who have left family and homeland and generations of traditions and practices to come into the Church of Jesus Christ. It is inspiring to see these foreign saints have such faith in the restoration of the gospel far away in America and such heartfelt gratitude for the American pioneer saints who came west and established the Church. The Mormon story of restoration, persecution, exile and faith is their story as much as ours. They revere the stories and recount them with awe and reverence while living out their own stories of pioneering faith. How blessed we are to serve among them.



  1. It has been a joy to read your postings, and the work and word that you are building upon. You are blessed, as they are, to serve among them.
    barbara gilbert

  2. Thanks for sharing the story of that dear sister who is truely a modern day pioneer. Your gifts and talents will be a blessing to her. Hope you get a glimpse of the Northern Lights as the solar flare will enhance them this weekend. love, Phyllis

  3. Thanks for the update. So nice to hear about your work.

  4. Mary Ann told me our your mission and your Christmas Post. I am touched by this account of the woman from Kenya. I am going to forward it to some of my friends and children. We are so blessed to have the gospel in its fullness in our lives. Keep up the good work. Love Ya
    Kathy & Joe Downey

  5. And how blessed they are to have you there, loving and guiding and listening…..We wish you peace and great success in your labors!

    Rich & Laralee

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