Posted by: Elder and Sister Hambelton | December 29, 2011

Senior Missionary Conference 2011

The mission sponsored a Senior Missionaries conference, December 15-17. Some 15 senior couples and single senior sisters came to the mission home for a three-day conference. We enjoyed meeting all the seniors serving in Scotland and Ireland and hearing of their varied assignments. The largest number of the couples were associated with the Centers for Young Adults program. The next largest group was the family history and archiving missionaries. There were also several member and leader support couples, an office couple and us.

We enjoyed instructional and training seminars, testimony meetings, firesides, social events, and meals together. It was uplifting and enjoyable to be together. We were instructed by two area Sevenities, the mission President and several senior couples. We were asked to take 30 minutes to teach the others about our employment mission and what we hope to accomplish.

The area Seventies and the British couples who trained and spoke were outstanding. We have always known that talented and spiritually powerful saints were found everywhere in the church, but it was particularly wonderful to experience first hand some amazing leadership and dedicated members among whom we serve. We have received as effective training and as spiritually uplifting messages as anywhere we have been.



  1. Elder and Sister Hambelton,

    Sounds like you are surrounded with equals to yourselves in helping to strengthen the Saints here in Scotland and Ireland. Our new Director of seminaries and Institutes of Religion is from Scotland ….Simon Stanton. He is outstanding in what he does and his testimony is very stong. Isn’t it wonderful to rub shoulders with dedicated Saints from all over the world!!!
    Keep up the good work. Hope you are feeling a wee bit more settled into you flat and new environment. Cheers, Phyllis

  2. It’s so wonderful to hear from you…we love the blog. Have a very happy new year. How do you say “Happy New Year” in the UK? 🙂

  3. Happy Hogmany! Hogmany is very popular and is a big celebration with fireworks and lots of drinking. It is the official end to the Yule season celebrations.

  4. Greetings to you both!

    Reading about your experience has me all fired up to want to do the same when I get the opportunity…Laralee will of course miss the grand kids..(as will I) but what an adventure and spiritual feast! I am sure there will be very difficult moments, probably already have been some, but knowing you two, they will pass quickly! Thank you so much for sharing, with us and with the Scots! Warm wishes for a successful new year!

    Rich & Laralee

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