Posted by: Elder and Sister Hambelton | December 22, 2011

Our Christmas Post

Merry Christmas from Edinburgh, Scotland

Sister Hambelton and I wanted to wish all our family and friends a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

We are settled into our flat in Edinburgh and waiting for the New Year to begin operating our Employment Resource Centre. We have met many wonderful saints and have had a stream of beautiful, spiritual experiences in sacrament meetings, baptisms, and conferences.

Many of you have expressed concern about our first Christmas in a foreign land, so far from family and friends. However, as we have thought about it, the most joyous part of Christmas is giving. We are much happier when we are giving than receiving. As we have covenanted and committed to give all our time, talents and efforts to the Savior for this season of life, we have basked in the warmth of that small gift and been deeply comforted and edified by his spirit in return. We miss you all, but we are very happy to be here and be on the Lord’s errand this year. In many ways it is a wonderful Christmas and one we will cherish and remember forever.

May the Lord’s choicest Christmas blessings be upon you and your family this holiday season.

We love you all,

Elder and Sister Hambelton



  1. From your photo…you look like you’re fitting right in. Cherish this time with the Scottish Saints. They are blessed to have you give of your time and talents….which are many. Merry Christmas Elder and Sister Hambelton!

  2. Loved your post regarding your driving experience. It makes me laugh to read it. Sounds like you are settling in nicely. Merry Christmas to two of my favorite people. The Scots are lucky to have you.

  3. Happy New Year Ben & Patty – Anne was able to get this blog to me this morning – I loved your rant about driving – if that is the only challenge you encounter —you will both do just fine. Had a very nice Christmas and all is going well. Zach is home and now enrolled in BSU…I guess he was not quite ready to be away from home…the lack of sun really affected his moods so he decided to enroll in the honors program at BSU and seems really happy about it. He has a standing invitation to return to Puget Sound at any time – they really hated to see him leave. Christian is almost as tall as Eldon and doing very well in School. Eldon & I are just leaving the house to run some errands (on the right side of the road) Talk at you later – enjoy seeing your blogs. Eldon & Jane

  4. Ah, life in the fast lane, wrong lane, what lane–it’s a round-a-bout, sounds like a bout with something. Remember to rely on the Lord, BE OBEDIENT, and WORK HARD. That way you sleep well and enjoy all the new found “fun.”

  5. Even today, I miss my mission more at Christmastime than I ever missed home at Christmas while I was a missionary.

    Bill shared your blog with me, Ben. It’s nice to be able to follow you from time to time.

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