Posted by: Elder and Sister Hambelton | December 7, 2011

Scotland here we come (via London)

November 21st we left Salt Lake City for Birmingham, England by way of Paris with 22 young missionaries headed to France. It was dusk about 5 pm when we left SLC. At 1:00 am our time we flew into the dawn over the Atlantic Ocean soon to see England and then France below. It was beautiful and it symbolized to us the beginning of a new adventure.

In Birmingham the area employment supervisor Brother Martin and his wife Manita met us. After going through customs we gathered all 6 pieces of luggage and headed to a hotel. We stayed in Birmingham one night trying to adjust to the time change and then on to London the next day. Brother Martin wanted us to work with Elder and Sister Sprouse in London who are also working as Employment Missionaries. They were great hosts and teachers. We also had time to tour some of London. We got to see Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, the Parliament, Big Ben, London Bridge, The London Tower, Churchill’s secret war room and drive down Park Avenue for all you Monopoly Players.

Monday Nov. 28th we took a high-speed train to Edinburgh. What a beautiful countryside and quaint villages. President and Sister Griffith of the Scotland/Ireland mission met us at the train station. We spent 3 days in the beautiful Victorian mission home. Brother Martin came Tuesday to give us intensive training on being Employment Specialist in the UK. He brought equipment, and materials we would need. We also met with the Edinburgh Stake Employment Specialists and a member of the Stake Presidency. By the time Bro Martin left we had office space in the Stake Clerk office, shared space with the Family History Center in the Stake center and a plan for opening services in the course of the next few weeks.

On Dec 1st we moved into our new flat and began the effort to make it home for the next 18 months.



  1. Wow! You are really right into the thick of things! Enjoy your time there!

  2. Wow! How exciting! We really enjoyed the photos and your entry. Best of luck as you settle into life in Edinburgh. You will do wonderful things for the people there. Happy holidays, too!! Love, the Hartlines

  3. So glad you are to your “final” destination. Thanks for the update.

  4. What a great way to start a mission. It sounds like you are having great adventures. Enjoy your time there.

  5. PS – Make sure you say hi to my old house in Fairley and West Kilbride if you are ever out that way to see the ocean 🙂

  6. Aunt Pat and Uncle Ben, thank you for sharing your mission with us. We are excited for you and know you will bless the lives of those you meet. Love, Shannan

  7. And you’re off! Wow! They are so blessed to have you!

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