Posted by: Elder and Sister Hambelton | November 21, 2011

MTC Week Two & Off to our Mission!

We have had a wonderful experience at the MTC I would recommend it to all. It is amazing how in two weeks you can love and get to know others so well. We are very close to our missionary district couples pictured in our previous post.

Richard and Wendy Kellems are from Orem and will be serving in Kenya in the employment area. They have traveled internationally before with his work.








Richard and Anna Johnson are from Spanish Fork. He is a dentist and they are going to Guatemala as the dental advisor and dentist for the MTC there and the missionaries and several orphanages. They are leaving a grandchild with cancer to come.

Ray and Kathy McGovern are from Dallas Texas. They are going to Moldova as Humanitarian missionaries.

They are great friends and we vowed to hold a MTC district reunion when we all return. We pray for their health and success.

We have had great welfare training from employees from Salt Lake this week. We went to Welfare Square Monday and got some instruction, a personal tour and lunch at the Joseph Smith Building with Elder Rudd, one of the legends and pioneers of the welfare program. He is over 90 and very sharp and fun. We have received excellent training all week but it seems like drinking from a fire hose at times.

This is a replica of the stone engraving David O. McKay read as a missionary that inspired him. It is from a building in Sterling, it now resides in the MTC main building. It reads,”What e’er thou art, act well thy part.”

Here we are at a statue of bicycle missionaries on the grounds of the MTC. They are remodeling and expanding the campus. The number of missionaries in all categories: young men, sisters and couples are up and increasing. The work is accelerating around the world. It is wonderful to be part of such an effort.

The firesides and devotionals have been awesome and very inspiring. It is so amazing to be in a room with 2,000 young missionaries and nearly 80 couples. When we all sing the hymns of Zion it is awesome!

I could not resist snapping this picture of 5 missionary couples with their iPads taking each others pictures outside of our MTC room! iPads are going with missionary couples in significant numbers it appears!










We really appreciated Char and Russ (Pat’s sister and brother in law) who live in Orem. They hosted us for dinners, drove us to the store for last minute shopping, let us do our laundry, printed our documents and a lot of other things to help us and make it very enjoyable. We really appreciated our time with them.

We are now done with our training and most of the missionaries we came in with are gone. There are 4 couples leaving Monday morning and we leave Monday afternoon. We are on a plane with 22 younger missionaries also flying to Paris. So the plane ride should be fun. I hope we all get a little sleep but I suspect most of the missionaries will be wired and anxious to get started (including us!).



  1. Greetings from Idaho! Your voices come through loud and clear. It is exciting to see how even the senior couples can be soooooo impressed by the Spirit that moves the work of the gospel forward. (We know that to be the case and are excited for you and the service you will provide.) the parting advise I give to the departing missionaries I will repeat for your consideration. “Work hard and obey!”
    The Bishops

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