Posted by: Elder and Sister Hambelton | November 17, 2011

Mission Training Center Week One

November 7, 2011: We prepared our home, our selves and our luggage and supplies to leave on our mission. Ryan was to arrive at 5:30 am to take us to the airport. When he came, Angie and the kids also came. We did not know they were coming and it was very touching to have representatives of our beloved grandchildren and children make the effort to arise very early to come and see us off on our mission. Little Finley followed Grandma around and they shared a little talk about Grandma going away but promising to come back and always loving her. Later she pretty much refused to hug or kiss us good-bye. She really did understand that Grandma was not going to be around for a while and she did not want to say good-bye. All our grand children are special to us and we feel love for and from each one. Right now Finley and Grandma share a special bond and neither one wanted to be separated from the other. It was a tender moment.

We flew to Salt Lake and were met by our good friends, Bishop and Joan Smith. They truly are great friends and it was special that they were in SLC and able to take us to the MTC. We felt like we had special representatives of our family to see us off at the airport and representatives of our special friends to welcome us and escort us to the MTC.

We have had a great first week at the MTC. We have been instructed in group meetings and classroom instruction on Preach My Gospel. We have done interviews and teaching scenarios or role plays, which have been a challenge, but rewarding and built our confidence in knowing we can teach by the spirit if we study and do our part. We have done better with each exercise.

We have been reminded how important it is to read the Book of Mormon each day and witnessed this as we taught. We have both set the goal to make sure we read everyday from the Book of Mormon knowing we will find answers to our problems and strength in our challenges.

Our MTC District and our Preach My Gospel Instructor

We continue to get to know and make friends with the senior couples and some younger missionaries. So many have sacrificed much to come and are willing to give much. They have been an inspiration to us.



  1. Great blog Ben and Patty! I will bookmark it so we can keep up with all you do. What a great experience at the MTC. We’re so glad things have gone well. Our computers have been in the shop having data transferred from our iMac to our macbook since Saturday so now I can send you an email. We love and miss you. Take care. Enjoy.

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